Anmol Social & Welfare Society  provide quality education to children, women, and elderly people who can’t access a formal education due to their financial in capabilities.

Poor literacy rate is a major problem in India, chiefly when it comes to the education of underprivileged communities. Since they are below poverty, they are nurtured in an environment where they are taught to earn first, rather than completing education. We on humanitarian grounds understand these concerns, and this is why we have stepped ahead to help them access quality education so that they earn better and stand their feet firmly.

Underprivileged children don’t run from schools or education, rather they are not made attracted towards the importance of education. They are not encouraged to understand the curriculum and as such they lose their interest in getting educated. We at Anmol Social and Welfare Society bring an innovative approach to our educational program which can motivate these children and women to complete their education.


The volunteer team of Anmol Social and Welfare Society with your support address the critical educational needs of children by working with their parents, communities, Anganwadi workers, teachers, district and state-level government, and education authorities as well as the children themselves.

We focus on improving behaviours and practices at the ground level and leveraging public policy at a systemic level and as such creating an ecosystem where children are made the future of the nation.

We want children to fly high by accessing quality education as this is one of the key mediums to make them successful in their life.

 Anmol Social and Welfare Society- A Trusted Name 


If you want to get your children a proper education, we are the destination where you can see your children going to school. We are dedicated to help you at every step when it comes to providing education at the grassroot level for underprivileged communities. We encourage all parents who are economically challenged, get in touch with us and turn things around in your and your children’s life. If not now, then it would be never.

Your one decision can change your son and daughter’s life, allow them to make things happen for you.