Haryali Teej Festival | Teej 2022

Haryali Teej Festival | Teej 2022

Hindu ladies who are married or single can celebrate the health and happiness of their husbands on Hariyali Teej. They fast in observance of Hariyali Teej. In order to request that the goddess Parvati provide their husbands a long life, married women fast during the Teej festivities. On the other side, single women fast and pray to find a nice husband.

Hindus hold that after Parvati's 108 lives and reincarnations, Lord Shiva finally accepted her as his wife after much self-mortification and persistent prayer.

In India, the monsoon season ushers in a number of holidays, among them Teej. 

 Teej Festival

Hindu women in Northern India and Nepal celebrate the Teej festival, which is often marked by devotional rituals, dancing, and singing. Women gather, share tales, and dress in garish hues like orange, green, or red. They typically have gorgeous henna designs on their hands and feet.

The Hariyali Teej is where it all begins. It falls on July 31 this year. In the local language, "teej" refers to the third (day), or more specifically, the third day of the month following the new  moon and the third day of the month following the full moon during the monsoon season, which runs from July to September.

Teej Quotes

·   May Goddess Parvati fill your life with happiness and love. Happy Hariyali Teej!

·   Warm wishes to all married women fasting on this auspicious day of Hariyali Teej! May Goddess Parvati accept your fasting.

·   Saavan ka mausam hai aaya, saath mein teej ka tyohar hai laaya hai…. Khushiyon ka agman ho aur sath mein taraki aur pragati ho…. Teej ki hardik badhaiyaan!!!